Miracle escargot products are among the best-selling products in Europe because of their powerful regenerative formula with snail extract. This effective formula was developed to visibly improve the appearance of skin by alleviating scars, spots and stretch marks.

It has an excellent effect on mature skin by reducing wrinkles and pores to make the skin look younger, healthier and firmer.

  • Evens out imperfections and fine lines
  • Takes care of acne
  • Softens the skin affected by hyperpigmentation and rosacea
  • Makes the skin soft, smooth and supple
  • Has hydrating properties that encapsulate moisture
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • Soothes the irritated skin
  • Has a peeling effect that restores the skin’s radiance
  • Contains aloe vera & allantoin
  • Free of perfumes

We recommend applying our products to the affected areas one or more times per day. Gently rub the product into the skin until it has been entirely absorbed.