QSL’s Miracle escargot shampoo is enriched with e.g. the snail slime extract “helix aspersa muller” and allantoin. The shampoo protects and nourishes the hair and scalp and cleans it in a mild manner. This shampoo does not contain any SLS/SLES (sulphates), making it ideal for people with a sensitive and/or irritated scalp. Suitable for all types of hair.

What are sulphates?
Sulphates are salts or esters formed by sulphuric acid. Sulphates are very powerful but also fairly aggressive cleansers, which means they often have a desiccating and irritating effect.

The benefits of sulphate-free shampoos
The major benefit of sulphate-free shampoos is that they are generally much milder than shampoos that do contain sulphates. Instead of sulphates, these shampoos contain (a combination of) mild amphoteric or zwitterionic cleansers.